Option chain ease

When we open option chain , the atm strike price should open in between the phone screen , not at the bottom .so we don’t have to scroll down atm strike price in middle of screen .

Not like this where we open it and can’t see half of strike price below atm strike price.

Hi @dsc ,

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Your feedback has been noted, we will surely evaluate it.

Agreed. I also facing same issue till date

Hi @vssaurabh @dsc Made a note of this, its happening cause some phone screens are larger than the others… we have made a note of this.

After clicking on ADVANCE OPTION CHAIN in dhan website in live market the tab gets hanged up & can’t anything except to close the tab. Please guide me with solution

Its getting worse

Showing me otm strike when i open , i wan to see atm strike at open.

Hi @vssaurabh we missed responding to this. This shudn’t happen, possible for you to share a screen recording of this to our @Dhan_Help team at help@dhan.co and we will check this.

You guys tried but , but still option chain not open with atm strike in middle of app screen after update . although not perfectly in between but Will do the work .
Hire a good developer .
Or program it such a way that option chain remember it’s last position where it was scrolled .

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