Options expiry time?

Respected experts,
Please tell that even far OTM current expiry Index options alsoget expire at Thursday 3.30pm OR can get expire before 3.30 also?

Hi @abhayverma071

All the option contracts get expired as per the exchange which is generally at 3.30 pm irrespective of ITM or OTM.

If you have any specific query then request you to email us at help@dhan.co

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Hey @Sameet are there any charges by Dhan on settlement of EXPIRED OTM options? Like any squareoff charges or something?

Nope there are no brokerages charges for expired contracts.

Even if intraday order?

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Intraday orders broker would squareoff and you will be charged brokerage, square off charges and other allied charges - sebi, exchange, govt

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