Options Trader by Dhan: We are getting started with Early Access!

The moment is here! :rocket:

We know this is eagerly awaited, there are thousands of users who have registered on Dhan for our Options Trader app. We are overwhelmed with the response, Thank you.

option trader priority access

We are excited to announce that Options Trader is now available in public beta, and starting today - we are providing early access to 250 option traders (selected randomly amongst the most referrers) from our early access.

Awesome experience on Options Trader app is packed with:

  • Dashboards for both - Options & Future traders
  • 1-Tap Options Trading, integrated seamlessly
  • Strategies based on Market Outlook - for all F&O Indices & Stocks
  • Pre-Built Trading Strategies
  • Screeners for Option Traders
  • Scanners for OI & Volumes
  • Pay-off Graphs
  • Strategy Analysers
  • F&O Underlying Scanners
  • Baskets with Margin Benefits
  • Option Chains with Greeks
  • Analysis for OI & Volume
  • Get Margin Benefits with Stock Pledging
  • Personalised App Experience for F&O Stocks that you want
  • Live Marke Scanner, yes on mobile and first time on Mobile.

Options Trader app includes all the incredible features that you already love on the Dhan app. And bonus points - Everything you do on any Dhan platform is automatically in sync across all products - Dhan Web, TradingView by Dhan, Dhan Apps, DhanHQ API stack, and now also on Options Traders for Dhan.

We are building with you!

We are going slow on this initially and will work closely with early users to perfect our user experience and match your expectations before opening it for the public.

Everyday a few hundred users will be provided access to Options Trader app. Super Traders on Dhan, will get priority access (in case you are one, and donโ€™t have access - please tweet to us on @dhanHQ or DM us, and we will add you on the approval list for access.

We canโ€™t wait to get you onboard, and hear your feedback and suggestions. You can share your thoughts here on community, or social media channels or write to us on feedback@dhan.co.

We are eternally grateful for your patience, and for your thoughts, ideas, and expectations that you have constantly provided to us till now even before the app release. As always it has been, and will be - we will work on them to build an incredible trading experience on Dhan!

P.S. : As promised, our community members will be given preference for the access as early as we can. Keep on checking your whatsapp for messages from the Dhan team!

For fast access, register on: Options Trader - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

Thank you



Awaiting for it.Hope it truly brings in revolution in option trading and people like and use it

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@PravinJ its will available on web also

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At this moment of time, we are focusing on getting the right experience for the mobile. We will consider to add certain value added features from the app to the web, but you will be glad to know that, the whole Options Trader App is synced across all the Dhan platforms, and navigating between the web.dhan.co & the Options Trader App is totally seamless :smiley:

Eagerly waiting for your suggestions and feedback on the app! :rocket:

Thanks for your kind words @anilmm2005 :smiley:

The team haas put in tremendous efforts, and we are positive itโ€™s going to be totally game changer for the Options Trading in India. :rocket:

Hope you have got the chance to check the app, eagerly waiting for your reviews, feedback and suggestions :zap:


I am yet to receive the notification. I am awaiting patiently.

Anyways all the best to the efforts of the team.

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@PravinJ May is rocky for dhan expectig more features in DHAN - all financial in one umberlla

Next i need to see international investing in DHAN

Sharing one snapshot of intraday price movements for Options -

Combined OI, Combined Price every 3 minutes for selected strike prices for Nifty / Bank Nifty will do wonders for intraday traders -


nice, Is this ichart ?

The description for short straddle and short strangle should be vice versa, if I am not wrong


@PravinJ Eagerly Waiting for my turn to use the Appโ€ฆ

Hope you are on the early access list, we are giving access to new users on all trading days.

Nope as i just checked i havenot got any notification or instructions to access options trading app

How the early access is being given? Through whatsapp? I donโ€™t use whatsapp on the registered mobile number.

Hi @emmi, can you write to us at help@dhan.co. Will ask team to assist you with this.

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Done. Hoping to get it done asap.

@riyas2831 Options Trader is now available on web. Experience it here - https://options-trader.dhan.co/