Order quantity in Contract Note and P&L statement not matching

Strange to see different quantity in contract note and P&L statement. Daylight robbery by Dhan.

please add screenshots as well

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Share details with our team on help@dhan.co. Not sure why you would want to jump to conclusions. Dhan community exists to collaborate and improving the experience on the platform.

Check for urself. Your customer care is non existent. Hardly it gets connected during market hours. God knows how you guys are going to scale.

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@Buntyansh can you share your UCC over DM? I’ll check it frm BO

UCC - ZKYD28865Z. Kindly check contract notes from 25th July - 28th July

Hi reviewed this case. This is due to E-Dis failure. Will connect over call on Monday to explain the same.

Cent percent correct regarding customer care.

Didn’t get any call on Monday. This is what I call callous attitude towards customer.

Hi @Buntyansh

Apologies, we will connect with you today after the market closes

Hi @Buntyansh

We tried reaching you on your registered mobile number and the same was unanswered.

Kindly connect with us DM or help@dhan.co