Order window modification on tv platform

@Naman @PravinJ
Need more improments in order window on tv platform.

  1. No total margin required details
  2. No symbol name display: Its saying NSEE2048
  3. Also add a feature where when I enter amount to invest like 5000, 10000 etc, it should automatically calculate max number of shares and set the number in quantity box.
  4. Show target and stop loss UI only if I select Intraday product for delivery these UI is not required. Also move “product” combo box above “Take profit/Stop loss UI”

Hi @dhantrade

Order window in tv.dhan.co is something designed by TradingView. To give Dhan user same look and feel we wanted to keep this component as it is provided by Tradingview.
But all your points are valid and noted. We will try to incorporate your pointers and bring best of the two world.

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The same points applicable to dhan web platform

For Intraday: No Bracket and Cover order

For Investing:

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