P&L statement issue

Hi, After contacting your customer care on call and also via twitter, i have got no solution. So i hope i get some sort of solution here.
I trade only in equity cash segment and also do short term investments. the tax profit and loss statement gives me a bifurcation of my speculative intraday trades and short term trades, but it does not give me bifurcation of charges. It just shows the combined charges incurred by me.
Now while filing my returns for intraday trades i require Brokerage, STT etc charges to file them as expense but there is no way to do so from the reports.
I am using zerodha too and over thr the tax P&L gives all charges of all scrips separately in excel and hence it is very easy for users to file there returns.
Is there any solution as to how can i get all my expenses for all the intraday trades done in the last financial year.


Hi @vips0099,

Currently, this is on our roadmap and we will build it soon. Let us know if there are any other concerns.