Please add and consider these following features and suggestions

As I said earlier I’d like to see top gainers from across all the listed entities not just the ones that are part of the index, so give us an “ALL” Option here

Second, Under the futures section, Why not add
“Long Buildup” “Long Un-winding” “Short Buildup” and “Short Unwinding”
These are widely used by derivatives traders and this is lacking in this platform.

Also earlier I said that this platform would be the best out there if it has built in scanners,
Now other brokers have it and top brokers like zerodha had partnered with platforms like streak which offers them the ability to build and use scanners,
As a broker your revenue is generated by brokerage so more a person trades the more revenue you would generate thus you should make it easier for us to discover trades,
Platforms like streak makes trading easier, so have you thought on doing something about scanning and opportunity discovery related things? If you do think of introducing such features, Make sure to consult me, as I can go into great details and provide great suggestions.


@RahulDeshpande do review this post please

Hi @Yash0301,

Good suggestions :+1: We will look into these and will surely contact you if we plan on releasing the features suggested by you.

Do keep on providing your inputs :grinning:


Hi @Yash0301 very very valid feedback. Will review these, thank you.