Please Bring IDart Stocks Trading terminal

The only reason I’m still on fyers is because they offer this trading terminal, I talked about it previously with @PravinJ and he said that the usage of trading terminals is decreasing, while I agree that NSE Neat and BSE bolt are trash and the cost could be extended to users, I am not talking about those I am talking about the One which is made by a private firm, Check it:

And most Discount Brokers in India provide this, Upstox, Fyers, Tradesmart, etc.
But I do agree people are more into using web platforms, this trend was started by zerodha and it’s web platform kite.

But I would still stick with fyers, and the reason is because the dartstock application is very powerful, it has many professional tools, built-in screens, news feeds, alerts, advance EOD reports, tools like heatmap, Market Breadth, Advance decline, Trend scanners.
Important Data like FII and DII activity, Quotes of World Indices and markets, Market meter, Indices meter, 52 week meter, Advance Charting, Workstation customization, Opportunity Finder and much more. Such tools can really empower retail traders like us and I love to use them, This is the only major drawback in Dhan, besides that the platform is good.

If you think that web version is more preferable, then consider providing these features and tools somehow in web or maybe through a third party web platform, but I think such tools will encourage more trading among your clients which will be beneficial for you.
Please consider this @PravinJ @Naman
and speaking of cost that gets extended to users, how come these discount brokers (which I mentioned above) offer this at no extra cost?