Please Fix this frustrating bug

I spend lots of time analyzing charts during the pre market session but the charts during the pre market period appears distorted and it completely ruins my analysis and this routine, I am then forced to use the original tradingview or other third party platforms, See below:


Can you please share screenshots of the screens where you are facing the issue ? It will help us to come up with resolution faster.

Basically this happens on all stocks if you open your trading view terminal during pre market.

Try opening it before 9, let’s say at 8:55 and then simply wait and look at the charts during the 9 to 9:15 pre market session.

Okay, we will try to replicate this issue and look into it. Request you to also share the screenshots if you face it tomorrow.

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Wrong data again during this pre market session.
check the chart from dhan:

and this is the right chart from original trading view:

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there should be no wick but a full body candle, only there is a slight upper wick.

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We have identified the issue and are on working on it. It will get fixed soon :+1: