Please help with historical_minute_charts - Python

Hi everyone. I am desperately in need of help sorting this issue. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you
dhan.historical_minute_charts(symbol="BANKNIFTY05JAN2343200CE", exchange_segment="NSE_FNO", instrument_type="OPTIDX", expiry_code="0", from_date="2023-01-01", to_date="2023-01-04")

Returns {‘status’: ‘success’, ‘remarks’: ‘’, ‘data’: {}} with no value inside data.

Please let me know where I am going wrong. Thank you

Hello @ajay192

First of all, welcome to Dhan community. As I can understand from this, you are trying to get Options daily data which is currently not available on API. You can instead fetch intraday 1 minute OHLC data for Options. You can refer here for the same.

I’m also getting this message for the below code
print(dhan.historical_minute_charts(‘ITC’, ‘NSE_EQ’, ‘EQUITY’, ‘0’, ‘2022-01-01’, ‘2022-11-11’))

Returns {‘status’: ‘success’, ‘remarks’: ‘’, ‘data’: {}}

Is there maintenance time available out of Market hours? If this is caused due to maintenance, then provide the status as success. Please throw maintenance message.

If not, kindly help me.

Hello @iyapaa

There was no such maintenance down time on our APIs. I tried the provided code at my end and it gave the output data as expected. Can you please confirm whether this was a one-time only error or a recurring one for you? Also, are you still facing the error or is it working fine now?

I’m facing this issue during 2 AM - 4 AM Indian time. Time given is verified. but real failure time min and max may vary.
But during market hours or later, it works.

Hello @iyapaa

Noted. As mentioned earlier, there was no down time as such. It will be helpful if you can share your Client ID along with request parameter and time details at so that we can check the server logs and troubleshoot the issue here.

I have sent an email as requested. Please share the feedback after analysis.

Hello @Hardik ,

May I have some feedback or update. Hope you have found the same issues.