Pnl not reflecting


Happend to check that PNL values are not reflecting either in the overall position or todays position.

Hi @Shylaja,

Seems an intermittent connectivity issue. Do write to us at if you see this consistently. We have saved these screenshots so you may delete them from here. We recommend to share account related screenshots at our email ID or Chat (from our app) to maintain confidentiality.

Dhan Customer Support

Hi @shylaja we have deleted your screenshots - we usually don’t do this, but much personal information on them.

Please note this forum is for updates, we have much responsive customer service team that will assist for issues that need priority support. Expect delays on responses on community, we check this intermittently.

Have informed team at @dhan_help about this.

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help ,

Its happening since last 3 days and i had less chance to look at it. Any way hope you will look after it?

I understand your point @PravinJ . will customer care team look after bugs and improment requests too?

Will they revert back to us stating improvement request taken care and constant updates to us is enabled?

I am just thinking that community is the right fourm to deal with since if someone else is facing the similar problem they may refer this community post and gets an easy update.

You may levy some heads up / rules to users like us stating not to put confidencial infomations like pnl profile details etc.

What do you suggest

This is the main reason i chose to put it on community over customer support.

Since i wanted just to say that, there is a bug but didn’t wanted a priority support since its not a showstopper for me to trade.


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Hi @Shylaja ,

At Dhan every concern, issue, feedback or suggestion raised by the users are internally synced up across all the teams (especially customer service, community, tech and product). Be assured that, any query you raise on any of our mediums are fully evaluated and worked upon.

We really appreciate you taking the efforts to write detailed posts on the issue in community, which inherently makes it useful to the users and for us too.

And we really care about your privacy and hence flag off if any of the users by mistake share any confidential information.