Positions page blank


The previous day open position is invisible on the positions tab early morning. Everyday this happens. It comes back around 7.30 AM.

Hi @t7support

Between this time, we reconcile our systems with all data, and reload it across systems to ensure all positions, funds, portfolios, margins are up to date before the trading day begins. Once all is done, it reappears on all platforms. This is normal process. We will communicate this better.

Thank you


Thanks. My suggestion would be to keep the last days open position as is and just update the pnl on frontend once you have made the EOD updates.

Me and my fellow traders look at the previous day closing to preset orders before market open. The previous day positions going blank made us bit jittery.

a better way would be all parameters under update should say something like
being updated or routine maintenance or something like that. a placeholder message.

Hi @t7support & @ambi

Thanks for the suggestion, as PJ mentioned we will surely work on improving the message.

Also, @ambi good to see you after a long time. Do keep on contributing to the community :smiley: