Pre defined Nifty watchlist and easy way to add multiple stocks at once

hey, it really is a headache to create a watchlist and add 100 stocks one by one can there be a feature where we can add multiple stocks at one and A predefined Watchlist eg:Nifty 100,Nifty small cap all stocks


I have already suggested this to dhan numerous times, but they said it won’t happen,
Fyers does a great job in this by having such watchlists made already.

Hi Karma & Yesh,
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I have noted your feedback, and think this is an important one. Will add this to our product roadmap and keep you posted when we ship this.

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I’ve got to say this, dhan is the most customer centric platform I’ve ever used, you really listen to our requests and feedback and then implement it into the platforms, I hope dhan achieve the success it aims and I think with a team like this, they are going to achieve it.
Really Impressed :clap: @PravinJ


migh i suggest a small feature that tradingview has under tools is fixed range which is alot helpful tool but none other platforms provide and a colour based watchlist is also a great feautre of tradingview these small features and tools make a good impact like being able to change indicators time frame in a different time frame a suggestion would be let tradingview provide it all of it tools and features for dhan users which would give a big edge from the competitors

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Tradingview also has “hot section” which allows us to have an eye on stocks which are making big or significant moves, it includes top gainers, top losers, top range gainers, gap gainers, etc. If this is implemented in dhan’s tradingivew then it would be the best platform for traders in india.
Please consider implementing it @Naman @PravinJ

Hi @karma

Thanks for the feedback we have added it to our list.
Thanks for using Dhan :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, @Yash0301

We have added this to our list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kiran,

Has this feature been developed yet for Trading View ?

Rajesh Singh