Price not updating live

Today I opened couple of charts on the app and prices are not updating, the price just frooze on the chart, it freezes to the price of when I opened the chart but it doesn’t refresh and update it. This is happening on daily time frame but if I go down to 5 min time frame the prices are updating live,
What’s wrong? Please look into it.


Hi @Yash0301 ,

This is working fine from our side. Can you please send screen recording of the issue you’re facing ? It will help us in resolving the issue faster.

You can mail it on or

I have recorded the video, should I first upload it on drive an then link it?

Yes, that will work or if the video size is less than 25MB you can attach and send directly from your gmail id.

I’ve sent the email to you, make sure to check it and review it,
This bug is still present, prices doesn’t update live on daily time frame in the app.

Hi @Yash0301 ,

Thanks for sending the video on mail. @Naman and I are getting it checked. Will update you on this soon. :+1:

any update on this? was that indeed a bug? @RahulDeshpande

Hi @Yash0301 ,

Yes it is indeed a bug. We are working on fixing this at priority.

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