Prices not updating on web.dhan

Using web version of Dhan, I am often experiencing price lag or freeze. Sometimes, even hard refresh does not give updated price. Sharing one screenshot of recent one (just few minutes back) for your reference.




Something seriously wrong today with web.dhan


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Getting it checked @nity , thanks for highlighting.

Hi @nity ,

We were working on optimizing the screen for enhancing trading experience. Be assured from Monday onwards it will reflect correctly.

@PravinJ What-ever optimization, updates, fixes are required to be done, kindly ask your team to refrain from doing these before 3.30pm on any trading day. These activities are completely unwarranted and un-acceptable during market hours.

Trades are being continously made, but prices are frozen at web.dhan today again. Second consecutive day.


Worst experience ever, web.dhan needs serious review…


Third Consecutive day, still prices are not getting updated.
Worst customer experience


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Hi @nity

Can we get on a call with our engineering team and view this, we aren’t observing this at our end or isn’t reported by any other users. Would help us to understand what’s wrong here and resolve.

If ok, will ask @RahulDeshpande to schedule with you.

@nity is right, have also raised separate ticket on this .
Prices freezer a lot more especially from last Wednesday .
Infact did a wrong trade too based on the price reflection.

@pavz Fortunately, I have access to prices through Zerodha and therefore double checking prices before executing orders at Dhan.

@PravinJ I can get into call anytime. Looks like I am not able to articulate the problem well.

@pavz @PravinJ @nity

Vivaldi Browser can be used to access two pages side by side (i.e. TV vs Dhan TV), compare the real time prices and take a screenshot

Hope this helps!

Hi @nity ,

I am taking your phone number from customer service team and reaching out to you on whatsapp to setup a call with our team as per your availability.


Sure, let’s do the call now

I did a live demonstration of price freeze with @Naman , @RahulDeshpande and team. Over to you guys to get this resolved

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Thanks @nity for your time. We have noted down, and our team is already on it.

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Not solved yet right @RahulDeshpande , can still see this. Hopefully I haven’t closed my KITE account yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Issue in Option chain and market depth

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The left one is zerodha. Screenshot taken around 10.45 PM 22nd MARCH

Hi @pavz ,

We are constantly evaluating and working on this at priority. We want to provide the right experience, and hence putting in more efforts. Really appreciate your patience.

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@Naman @RahulDeshpande It’s been 24 days since I demonstrated the issue. I have still facing these issues today as well. How many more days do you need to figure out the issue and resolve?

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