Profit loss statement / Exporting Ledger statement / Tax computation

How to get profit loss statement ? how to export Ledger ? How to get tax related statements? Am i not able to find or it is not available? If it is available and I am not able to find means UI is not friendly for me. And if it is not available, please consider this as priority as march end is coming soon. If Dhan wants user to consider as an alternative to existing big giants brokers , need to consider some basic needs of traders. Tax related statements , exporting ledger to excel/ PDF formats, I guess is very basic need.

Mobile app view vs Web app view

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I told them the same things few months ago, It is not available in dhan, I also told them these things are very important not only for accounting stuff but also for tracking one’s performance and journaling


Hi @prathamk7 ,

Welcome the Dhan Community :smiley:

Thanks for your valuable feedback and suggestions. I am sure, your suggestions will help us in improving our product experience.

We are also looking forward to getting more of your insights on 21st Feb ( Monday), 4 PM. Our customer team has sent Google meet invite on your mail id.

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Hi Dhan Team,

Any update on this basic feature request?


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Hi @Dipsmav,

We are making all statements live in the next release, will keep you updated.

Thank you so much for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Are profit loss statements available somewhere to download? Found this old thread but still could not find the feature

Yes if you are on app click on your photo and then choose All statements > profit and loss. Similar stuff to do if you are on web.

Hey @prathamk7, we are now integrated with Quicko for easy tax planning and filing. Check here -

@RahulDeshpande Can you please make a P&L statement on the Dhan Web where we get script buy price, script sell price, quantity and profile or loss in INR and percentage. Instead of sending it over email, can you please display it as table format. .e.g if I traded stock abc 3 times in a year and when I saw the p&l statement, it should show the average of all the three trade and similarly if I wanted to see monthly p&l statement, it should display for that month only. Trade dairy doesn’t show the way we wanted to see, it only shows day or month p&l and doesn’t show how it is calculated. With the above way it will be easy to figure out. Thanks. It’s easy to make someone own equity curve etc.

Also do you have any plan for the account curve how it is growing or drawdown etc. These things are required for a trader in respect of any instrument he/she is trading.

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Hi @nx.vijay,

Thank you for taking the time to give detailed suggestion on P&L statement and account curve, we have noted this.

rubbish… P&L cant be visible in one click… we have request email for it ? have you not seen other brokers who provide instant P&L summary. y so much complicated system you have ?

@Dhan_Help @RahulDeshpande @PravinJ
Any deadline for rolling final version of pnl statements??
The current pnl statements are providing the charges for both cash & fno segment collectively whereas they are treated differently while calculating taxes. The buy dates for different scripts should be available rather than total buy value as the transactions have been done on different dates.
The tax pnl reports are incorrect as they are not providing the correct pnl , however , its shown as being inclusive of applicable charges.