Range bars Interdiction in charting software

I’m happy to get started with Dhan brokerage firm

I’m Options Trader , I use Trading view premium
Where I use range bar in order to justify my direction trades

I’m missing in dhan charting software

Please add it

Hi @Shivakumar

Welcome to Dhan community. TradingView offers a library (that is hosted one) to use and some of the premium features on TradingView are not extended in same, hence the limitation that you mentioned.

We suggest using free webhooks that Dhan provides for execution directly via TradingView, you can read about this here: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

Sir Thank you for reply , I agree with premium version of Trading view

I do like to bring your kind attention Zerodha do have range bars in their charting system which is not backed by trading view

But if you could code the charting software which is open source code then it will be great help
Once again thank you