Required indicator pivot points high low

Please provide pivot points high low indicator it is helpful for both trader and investor . It is available in tradingview technical indicator library.

@Poornima @PravinJ @Naman @Sameet

Hi @Harsh

Thanks for your feedback, we will evaluate and check the possibilities to add it in our hosted version.

Hi @Sameet @PravinJ . I want to have a word for better indicators. Glad if dhan will be able to implement them.

Hi @svineels

Request you to drop us an email at with your suggestion for indicators and requirement.

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Would like to see the indicator which marks Highs and lows of days/weeks/months on dhan. If needed, I am ready to provide further information to the development team if it’s possible.

@Sameet @PravinJ Is this possible? Please shed some light.