RSI - Update Required

The RSI indicator in dhan is the latest one as in Tradingview. Thanks for that

But people using RSI use two levels to track the default 70-30 and 80-20. So can you update the RSI to enable extra line?

It’s just a 1 minute modification to the Pine-Script code.

Hi @Vignesh_N

You can simply draw the horizontal line on the indicators also from the drawing tools or using keyboard shortcut Option(⌥) + H in Mac or Alt + h in Windows.

Hope this helps.

That would be a temporary line which a trader will be required to draw everytime for every stock @Naman

Trading View provides an option to define the upper and lower band for RSI which is an ideal way to set by a trader so that the preference defined by him/her becomes permanent.

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Sure @nity Nitesh

We will look into the feasibility and incorporate it, if TV library allows.

Thanks, FYI Trading View library allows it.

Can you please add updated RSI as in TV to Dhan

Add extra RSI indicator i.e RSI on RSI. Adjust levels to 80-20 for 2nd RSI or whatever you want. It will solve your problem.

Hi @Vignesh_N

The RSI we have on dhan charting platform is inbuilt in the tradingview library, we do not have much control over it. I think you are talking about BB provided in RSI in updated library. We have raised the request with TV, and hope we get this update soon.