Same day fund add and withdrwal

Don’t mind dragging another broker here, but there is nothing wrong about taking good pointers from others.

One can withdraw the same funds added on the same day in Espresso. It has two slots for that.


Say, I added funds (say 10000) for trading at 915 am. My trades are over by 945, or there are no trades. Then I placed a withdrawal request (say 9500) before 10 AM. The money arrives in my account same day in the afternoon.

Some might find it useful. Is there any way, Dhan can adopt this system?

For day traders like me, I find it useful, as money literally does not leave the bank for the day. Well, nothing wrong with brokers getting brokerage but I prefer my money in my bank.

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hey @ronin, Very soon it will move to money block method - where money will be blocked / unblocked on your bank account itself. Regulations for that are expected this year itself.