Scanner for intraday like on Chartink or the one on tradingview platform

Scanner for Intraday with different scan option that helps a intraday trade setup from different indexes to breakout so that a trader using dhan platform doesnt have leave the platform to find good intraday stocks for the day live thanks.

Any suggestions on this are welcomed folks to have a best option of an integrated scanner on Dhan app and web.


I think they are already working on it, it is called “dhan live” check this tweet from @PravinJ


Integrated scanner, like what @Yash0301 cross posted is being worked on

We will come up with this soon, nearing development. just want to ensure the performance and experience is best.

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Hi @PravinJ, I think adding too much stuff (real-time data) in one place will make the user experience bad, and sometimes the browser may behave badly.

This is only my opinion.

I dont think so, dhan web runs smoothly and these are cruical features which must be added, features like these is what will separate dhan from other platforms.

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Chartink मध्ये आहेत तसे scanner आले तर उत्तमच.

Well, understand your concern on this and we do ensure we are using the right web components to build that don’t eat up memory. We also execute it in a way that it will be a broadcast, something like a twitter feed with live broadcast from exchanges.

All computations for live market scanners are done on server side and we just push the updates to your screen / browser. Hope this helps, do let us know the feedback when it goes live, just a few days away.