Secure token-based 2 FA for logging in to Dhan account

Hello @PravinJ and @Anirudha,

Is there a way fro me to secure my Dhan account using a token-based 2 factor authentication (2FA) such as Authy or Google Authenticator? Cybersecurity has become a big risk, and even the twitter account of the Indian Prime Minister got hacked today.

I am hoping the Dhan team is cognisant of these risks, and moves fast to implement a 2FA solution to secure user logins. Token-based authentication is by far the safest way of logging in, and can avoid several potential cyber security breaches.

Can you let me know if this is planned for anytime soon?

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This is a must have feature,
Please dhan team implement this asap

MUST NEEDED. Plz see to this Dhan team.

Hi @abhayverma071 @Yash0301 @Rajiv

2FA authentication is already available on Dhan Mobile apps, and now coming up soon on Dhan Web, we have written about this: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is coming to Web Platform (Dhan & TradingView)

Here are also general precautions on keeping your demat account safe: Keeping your Stock Trading & Demat Account safe and secure

Post 30 September, 2FA authentication is mandatory for all.