should add stock filter in different category.

you should add stock filter in different categary.

hi @gaur

Can you please elaborate this, keen to understand what you were referring to.

in stock index their is different stocks has which are in different sectors I want the features in if i select one sector only those stocks should visible related to desire sector. for example if i want to know stocks in automobile sector and if i click in automobile it shold filter all automobile sector related stocks from all stocks.

Hi Team thare is no stock filter option in dhan app to filter stock from the portfolio to separate from the stocks bought from smallcase and stratzy and sell the other stocks bought from dhan app.

Even thare were no search option available

Hi @Pintu2023, for stocks added specifically under Smallcase and Stratzy, on the portfolio view on Dhan app, tap on all at the top of the menu apps, scroll down and you will see option to see the smallcase and strazy portfolio.

Hi Pravin,

Thanks for your response, my worry is not about the stocks held in smallcase or stratzy, those stocks i can see in their respective app as well.

My issue is how to filter out stocks which are not part of Smallcase or Stratzy. In dhan app.

While selling any stock, i am not able to differentiate whether that stock i bought part of Smallcase or separatly.

Hi @Pintu2023

We have noted your feedback to segregate portfolios into categories wise.

Meanwhile, you can check here the stocks list like:- Nifty Auto, Nifty Private Bank, Nifty Energy > Indices In-Depth > Companies.