SIP approx monthly Value is incorrect

Hi Team,

As you can see in the below screenshot, the total SIP approx Value is incorrectly calculated.

Weekly should be multiplied by 4 / 5 based on the month and SIP day.

Kindly check and rectify.

Disclaimer: Scripts shown in the screenshot is not an recommendation.

Thanks & regards,
Prasanna Vardhan S

Thanks for sharing @Vardhan094, we are looking into this.


@shraddha any update?

Also Kindly add an option to pause the SIPs…

Prasanna Vardhan

We are working on this @Vardhan094. Will be available to you shortly :slight_smile:

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@shraddha Any further update?

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Hi Vardhan,
We are really excited to introduce new updates in our SIP process. It will be available in coming weeks. Stay tuned! :grinning: