So many issues today in dhan web portal

Hi Team,

Today we are facing so many issues in the dhan web portal, tradingview chart is not loading, trade mode is not working properly, please check and fix this issue and i see some changes did in the dhan, why don’t you try this in QA and then implement in production.

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@RahulDeshpande & @Naman
I see one more issue, when we take index call or put option with multiple lot and after some time try to sell it is picking only one quantity and manually we need to update the quantity, but in other platform, it automatically picks the quantity, not sure why it is designed like that, please check and fix, need some automatic jobs done instead of manually work.

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Hi @Hemanthcj
For the charts- There was a issue for a brief time in the morning , we fixed that immediately. I m sure this is working fine, also notice new trade from charts facility here.

For quantity/lot - We will evaluate the pattern and figure what works better for majority of the user. Your feedback is noted.

You should take this a priority because today again I did the same mistake everyday we can’t remember lots\quantity size, we just want close all our position at a good price.
Still the trust is not built with dhan because some many issues and bugs not taking priority on basic features which is required for trading or investing.