Some suggestions for the platform

Just opened an account in dhan after stumbling upon it on the internet, The platform looks promising and it has potential, I came to this platform because we can trade directly from the charts. However I have seen some things which can be added or improved.

  1. In app as well as the web platform, I’d like to see top gainers from across all the listed stocks not stocks from indices, I want to see those 20% stocks from all the cash segments, so you should give us an option to view that

  2. On tradingview terminal, add this “Hot section” It will help us to monitor the significant developments that are taking place in the market in real time.

  3. Tradingview terminal is dark themed by default, although black theme is good but on the original tradingview site, we have an option to change the theme to white, but I cannot seem to find it here

  4. There should be pre-built watchlists on the tradingview terminal based on indices and a watchlist of indices themselves, (Fyers who is another broker which also incorporates tradingview platform, has prebuilt watch lists which are really helpful)

  5. If you can implement scanners into the platforms (both phone and web) that would be very helpful to us active traders as it will ease the process of discovering opportunities.


Welcome to the Dhan Community, Yash. Thanks for taking your time out and writing such a detailed feedback.

  1. We have Gainers, Losers & Movers for 55 different indices of both the exchange, including Nifty500, Nifty Midcap150, Nifty Smallcap250 which covers most of the active stocks. Your point is noted, we will figure out someway to show all stocks irrespective of index.

  2. ‘Hot Section’ point is noted. We will evaluate if this can be included in our roadmap.

  3. ‘Theme Change’ -Thanks for highlighting this. We will incorporate this in our next release.

  4. Watchlist are synced across & (Dhan - Online Stock Trading and Investing Platform for India) & Dhan App. New user on Dhan platform gets some pre-built watchlist, that is synced to TV-Dhan platform as well. Your point regarding Index watchlist is noted.

  5. ‘Scanners’- It’s not on our roadmap right now. We will let you know if we plan on releasing it.

Feedbacks like this help us improve our product, keep writing this on community.


Hi Yash,
We heard you!
You can now change the theme of tradingview terminal to default. Keep sharing your feedback. :smiley:


I’m very impressed :clap:.
This is now going to be my primary trading platform,
Excited to start my trading journey with dhan :slight_smile:

(I’ve made a post this morning too, please view it aswell. )