Straddle, Strangle OHLC Chart

Index option is the most traded product in NSE and on it 9.20 Straddle/strangle is most populer stretegy among retail trader recently.
As you can see in the below screenshot, A Straddle, Strangle OHLC Chart makes it very easy to visualize the stretegy along with letting us plotting indicator on top of it. It became very easy to identify entry exit.

But no broker including some big option platform does not provide Straddle, Strangle OHLC Chart.
“Definedge” is the only platform provide this facility.
Please introduce this facility by combining user selected CE + PE price on the Chart as a canlde stick format. and aslo let us plot inidicator on it like shown in the image above.

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Is it realtime on DE ?

now Dhan have straddle option chain, they should give straddle OHLC charts with combined vwap, ce vwap & pe vwap with IV (again combined & individual) with PCR OI data & individual data.
That will be just amazing to stick with Dhan for long if they give features soon.