Stratzy is now LIVE on Dhan: Invest in single Stock Ideas & Strategies

For all Dhan users, we have yet another exciting product launch for you that is deeply integrated with a seamless experience: Stratzy

Our focus when we launch new products and features as always remains on making your trading & investing experience better & richer. With growing awareness on the importance of investing in the stock markets, a budding question amongst many (new as well as existing users) is where they should invest their money and which stocks should consider. Dhan’s partnership with Stratzy emphasises on helping you make that decision.

Stratzy provides easy-to-execute stock trading strategies for investors.These recommendations are backed by quick explanations as to why it may be a good idea to invest in them. As a Dhan user, you will be able to invest using Stratzy in two ways - Ideas & Strategies. Ideas are research based single stock ideas whereas strategies are baskets of stocks that you can invest in.

How can you invest in Stratzy using Dhan?

The experience with Dhan’s deeper integration with Stratzy is the ease with which one can invest in the ideas & strategies offered by them without leaving the Dhan app. Just follow these steps:

  • You will see “Stratzy” on the home screen. Tap on it to discover the ideas and strategies offered by Stratzy at any moment.
  • Ideas and Strategies are further divided into subcategories for ease of identifying what best suits your investment ideology or consideration.
  • For greater understanding on any idea or strategy, simply tap on “Read More”
  • Choose your preferred investment, select the quantity you would like to invest, tap on “Invest now” and you’re done!

Alternatively, you can also login on Stratzy using Dhan and make investments seamlessly.

Why use Dhan for Stratzy?

Dhan’s deep integration with Stratzy is the first of its kind. You can invest in its ideas and strategies simply how you would invest in regular stocks on Dhan. That’s how seamless and native we have made the experience for you. Here’s everything you get:

  • View expected upside and risk of every idea and strategy before making the investment.
  • All investments made using Stratzy will reflect in your Dhan portfolio. You will also be able to see them marked separately in the coming days and track its performance.
  • Orders placed via Stratzy will be tagged separately in orders as ‘Stratzy’.
  • Money for investing in Stratzy recommendations will be invested from your Dhan account itself.
  • While placing Stratzy orders, you will be able to see whether you have sufficient funds in your account. If not, you can top up funds from the same page itself.
  • It is completely FREE of additional costs to invest in Stratzy using Dhan.

How is it beneficial for first time investors to invest on the Stratzy app using Dhan?

If you are someone who does not have a broking account and landed on the Stratzy application, we have got that covered for you as well. Open your Dhan investment account on Stratzy and start making hassle free investments!

This is just the first version of our integration with Stratzy. Expect more improvements and features in the times to come! Notwithstanding, we would love to hear your feedback on this launch.

Please Note: Dhan is only executing the trades in scrips / stocks / strategies that the client chooses based on recommendations provided by Stratzy and does not endorse buying any stock or strategy. Investment in the securities market are subject to market risks, we request you to read all the related documents & do your research carefully before investing. Dhan continues to be an execution platform.

Product @ Dhan


Nice , thnx

Few things @Pranita , asking out of curiosity.

Have always seen DHAN APP is getting the priority and WEB is receiving the updates quite late . [ Still waiting for some important ones on WEB yet to be released]

Could you please share the Active users on DHAN platform wise ( Reason why i am asking is in the community thread i see lot of people askign for WEB related updates) but the updates coming on WEB is quite slow

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Hi @pavz ,

The reason we launch products on our app first is because majority of Dhan users use the application for investments. However, we would like to assure you that we are adding in a lot of features and updates across our web and platform as well. Improving the web experience is of utmost priority to us, and we are continously working towards it.

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Hi all! This is Mohit Bhandari, cofounder of Stratzy. Would love to answer any queries or questions that the community members have if any.

Excited for the integration with DHAN :slight_smile:

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Hey @pavz ,

We are trying to create very independent experiences for both app and web. Features such as Live Scanner, Advanced Option Chain, Full Screen Charts are available exclusively on web. Similarly you may find other features that are available on app but not web. The end goal however, as always, remains to provide you with the best trading & investing experience. Expect many more updates on web soon.




It would be good if Dhan can keep the web and mobile experience in sync so that we have a seamless experience moving across devices.

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Hi @t7support

I have built products for nearly two decades, and can tell you even attempting to keep things in sync will only delay things. We optimise for getting the best possible experience to our users, as fast as we can.

We are building features based on many things - feedbacks, requests, time estimates, and other internal prioritisation. Our web, mobile, platform teams work independent of each other and that helps us ship products & features faster than anyone else in industry.


Thanks @PravinJ. I put the feedback because I have seen people getting confused and spending time on web to find features available on mobile app and vice versa. Its ok if you can sync with bit of lag also.

@PravinJ @bhandarimohit can we have the date of recommendation mentioned alongwith?

Hey @7289027476 , sure! This is already in the works and will start reflecting soon.

Hi team,

I am not able to execute sell order from stratzy. Can you please help me with this.

Hey @Pintu2023 ,

Please share details of your issue on marking in cc. Alternatively, you can also share your contact details over DM & we will call you to resolve this.

Product @ Dhan

The issue fixed by stratzy team, Dhan team not able to understand the issue at all.