Suggestion Required : Instant Withdrawals

Hello All,

From the beginning of our app, we have constantly iterated our products on the basis of user’s feedback and suggestions. And this time too we would like to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions!

We are planning to introduce Instant Withdrawals, ie. Whenever you withdraw money from your trading account, it will instantly get deposited into your bank account.

Do let us know your views, and on what would like to see more in this! :smiley:


Tagging you all, as I think you might love to share your views : @Yash0301 @Hemanthcj @nity @amit @pavz @nnJhavarePatil :smile: :rocket:


Definitely a good move as per me :v:


@RahulDeshpande Instant withdrawal does not change anything for me as far as planned cashflow is concerned. If I need to withdraw from my trading capital, I will know well in advance and accordingly plan and execute my withdrawal.
But, for unknown/unseen emergencies, this would be a game changer for all the Dhan customers, go for it…


It would be Very very attractive decision…

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@RahulDeshpande , i am trading in zerodha more then 5 years , but i never look to change my broker , zeodha is very slow in implementing feature request , around six month i am searching for good broker , now i am planning to move dhan this montn - dhan really a good platform i love , what ever i need i seen in dhan - instant withdraw is really need for everybody thats really cool feature , i like it


It is a very nice option some brokers will not allow withdraw our money on a weekend or holiday will you provide this option?

I’m just thinking not sure it is possible or not suppose I have invested 5L due some emergency i need to withdraw 5L from the share market, but it was a holiday or weekend so i can request your team for instant withdrawals and your team can analysis and feel that prices will go further up, then you can offer 5L to user by purchasing all share and if suppose your analysis team feel that price will go down you can offer less price or you can say not possible to pay.
But I also see some advantage and disadvantage of this.

@RahulDeshpande ,



@RahulDeshpande दादा हे तर एकदम भारी काम होईल.
Instant withdrawal बँकेच्या खात्यावर द्या किंवा UPI ID वर द्या, चालेल.

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Very good decision !!

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You shouldn’t even ask, just go for it,
This will be a game changer.
I have used fyers and zerodha both take multiple day for withdrawal, especially fyers, its the slow (it takes like 3 days) this is also one of the reason which compelled me to leave fyers as it was slower than other brokers and if dhan rolls out instant withdrawal, i think this would be a platform of choice, Please build this, very great decision


Is there any limit on the amount that can be withdrawn instantly?

We will check, yes there will be some limitations as we have to settle open positions, also it has to be enabled within the regulatory framework available

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