The Tradingview issue explained

I told that I would record a video and send it to your team but recently I’ve been quite busy and preoccupied with other things, But instead of making the video I would tell you some steps to follow and if you do you’ll identify the issue easily, so read this carefully:

  1. Login into the tradingview terminal and just customize the settings,
    play around with it and change the colors of candles and maybe add indicators and save this template and also save the layout.

( Now when you logout from tradingview and login into it again and then load the layout, it should open and here I too thought that the bug was fixed, but here’s where dhan web comes into play)

  1. Now after you saved the layout , Login into dhan web and open any chart from watchlist stocks and the chart should open in the bottom right window, give it like 30 secs and after a while the charts would automatically overwrite these default settings onto our saved layout preset.

  2. Now when you go onto tradingview terminal and load the layout it will then be reset to default and the default settings were overwritten by dhan web charts.

The problem simply is that dhan web opens charts with default settings which gets overwritten on our saved preset, That’s it.

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Hi @Yash0301
We are fixing this issue. We are going to provide auto save layout facility soon, so that overwriting of layouts across the platforms will not happen. You can save all properties on charts in layout (except candle colour).

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why not candle color? @Naman
that is very important

if we cannot save our custom color scheme and candles then there’s no point for me to use dhan and you should stop falsely advertising that you offer the same features as tradingview.

And we shouldn’t even save our layouts, other platforms which are based on tradingview automatically remembers our settings by default (Fyers).
Stop advertising that you give access to powerful tradingview charts when you don’t even let us customize it, I personally would drop the idea of moving to dhan and using it as my primary broker, Guess I’ll stick to fyers.


I understand how not being able to automatically save layouts and candle colours must be for you, but be assured that we are working on it and it will be available to you very soon.

Coming to not being able to save candle colours, since we provide multiple colour themes for our users on the platform, saving candle colours on top of it is challenging and we are working on fixing that.
I hope this answers your concerns. I’d love to understand more from you on where we can improve and would love to get on a call with you. Drop me a note on and we will schedule our call accordingly.

Thanks for using Dhan , we appreciate your efforts to highlight issues to us.

I’ll leave my account with dhan aside for few months and if you roll out the update which let’s us save candle colors then I’ll stick with it or if not then as I said earlier, My business with Dhan would be done.
as the only reason I came here was due to trading-view charts and it won’t be just me, many would also leave or atleast won’t like the fact that they cannot save their custom chart settings and themes, I bet you this.


Hi @Yash0301
Hope you are doing well. Happy to inform you that we have fixed the candle colour issue. Now your candle colour settings will be saved and synchronised across the platform.
Happy Trading :slight_smile:


happy to see that :slight_smile: I’m very Impressed with dhan’s team

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