Top gainer top losser on dhan app

This type feature provide in stock top gainer/losser nifty 500, fno etc in dhan app…

Please implement in app too
@PravinJ @Dhan

Welcome to Dhan community @Arvadiya. Will evaluate adding this., not sure how we missed it in first place.

Can you add this top gainer/losser feature in 2023 update ?

And increase font size of watchlist script and price…

This feature can provide in app new update or not ??

Not yet, we will pick this up when we further optimise on discovery related features.

@PravinJ please look in to this i was writing as a new topic but when i read this one …i m adding in this one only that add top gainers & losers sectoral wise like nifty 50,nifty bank,nifty 500 ,nifty it ,nifty pharma , 1 section of F&O gainers & losers so to get good idea…because for this thing i have to visit angel or moneycontrol.

Thanks rest all is super imrpoved using it since jun 22 …Massive changes by dhan team.

Keep up the good work

Hi @Pdk27,

Welcome back! This option is available on web. Select your preferred Index from the drop-down list on the right and then you can see Gainers / Losers accordingly.

Yes i know about the web version im talking about mobile version of it….

Hi @Pdk27,

I missed this. On App, once you select the specific index, you can find this information under Companies.