Trade Allocations


Suppose I have account of my family members on Dhan (say 5 accounts), and I wish to execute a trade in all of these 5 accounts, then is there a way in which i can place a master order which automatically splits the trade into 5 shapes for the 5 individual accounts?

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Nope. You will have to custom build something using their APIs. Also be mindful of the legal angle.

Hi @eliteinvestment Welcome to Dhan community.

Yes, @t7support answered that for you. Also please hold on, there are new regulations coming up for algo-trading + one of the key things will be to ensure all algo trades or API based trades are done by the end user itself.

So they will have to authenticate the app, permission and also get the authentication tokens to validate - even if you are doing via APIs. We are build like that, event today.

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That was a prompt reply, thank you so much