Trading-view terminal showing wrong data

Trading-view terminal is showing the wrong data of the holdings, and positions

The trading-view platform is full of bugs as of now, more hard testing is needed to spot the bugs
I will let you know if I stumble upon some new bugs in future, But do test the platform vigorously

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btw this is just a single sample, I think it does so for all the holdings, I wasn’t able to screen shot it perfectly

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The Average price was 50.3 and the stock is currently at 59.2 so how come I’m in loss? @RahulDeshpande

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Hi @Yash0301 ,

This shouldn’t happen, getting it checked.

@Yash0301 Can you share the scrip or stock name ?

“Link Pharma Chem” is the name of the stock

@Yash0301 We have identified the issue and fixed it. We will deliver the correct data EOD after market hours.

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This is why dhan is the best, the team is very quick to fix the bugs and has its ears open for suggestions.
Again I’m very impressed