Tradingiew terminal ought to remember our settings

I have made the post about it previously and seems like you’ve fixed the loading error of saved layouts and settings but here’s the thing, I logged into the Dhan web platform and there the settings of tradingview charts was default and what happens is, every few seconds or on every change the tradingview charts updates the saved layout settings to the presets, so what ends up happening is that default settings which are in dhan web get’s saved again and thus it’s in vain to customize the charts, because every time we log into dhan web it is going to update it to default.

so Fix this again, and also what the tradingview terminal needs to do is remember our settings regardless of if we saved it or not, I use fyers and once I customize my settings, I don’t need to save the templates, every time I log in, it remembers it.
Please read this carefully and fix it, I want to move to dhan for my active trading but these things are holding me back.

Thanks @Yash0301 for highlighting the issues. We are trying to fix at earliest. We would also like to get on a call with you to understand your concerns better.
Could you please write to us at with your details and preferred time ? We will schedule a call and discuss further.

Instead of a call is it possible for me to record my screen and then send it to you somehow?
(Not that I have a problem with receiving the call, I am down for it but I think instead of talking I can show you visually what’s the matter) @RahulDeshpande

Yep that works too.
If not call, we are okay with video call as well. You can then share you screen, and explain us any other concerns you have.

alright, I’m down for both the options, so should I proceed further to write the details at feedback@dhan,co
I’ll first try sending my prerecorded screen, I think that will be suffice but if not we can then arrange a video call @RahulDeshpande

Yes, please send your further details and prerecorded screen video at .