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hey there, whenever i try to open a chart from dhan home screen to dhan+tradingview the chart opens of the previous chart and if i want to save my chart i have to choose make a copy option instead of save as new and it is really irritating that everytime i open a stock chart it first opens my previous saved charts and i have to manually open a fresh chart that too i cant save directly without making a copy and renaming it.make an option as save as new or something like that and dhan+tradingview always opens with recent chart rather then the selected fav chart.

Hi @karma

By default, the layout saves all your activities on chart every 3 seconds. This is what our users has asked us to auto save the layout.
For making new layout, you have to make a copy and then rename it. I understand that this is cumbersome process, but this is how the TradingView has extended its library to us. We are working on it to simplify this process.
Hope this helps

yes but u can just simply put a a feautre to save as new which is provided in tradingview basic version.


Can you provide AutoSave Off/On toggle feature as given in attached screenshot ? By giving that option the users can get an option to switch it off in case if he does want his unintended change to the layout


@Naman From yesterday, My template is switching to default whenever, I am refershing the browser or login/logout. The same thing is happening on Mobile as well.

I already tried to change the browser, clear cache on both. I have recorded video of the issue which can be referenced at below link.

Request you to please get it checked. The experience was seamless so far but since yesterday it has gone weired. Kindly address as per your convienience.

I am facing same problem from last 3 days.

Hi @nx.vijay @Amarsingh_Shinde,

This should be good now. Request you to please select and save layout, then reload.

Just to add, there is a timeout of 15 seconds to auto-save the changes in the layout. If the layout has been saved (auto or manual), you will see a “right tickmark” sign in the layout cloud symbol.

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@JayK Now it looks good for both web and Mobile. The issue is only picking my set template where I have set my indictor. It was taking to the default Layout and again and again we need to load it. But looks like it is resolved. Auto save 15 sec is fine.

Thanks for you quick assistence and looking into it.