Tradingview/Dhan Indicator Problem,Feedback & Suggestions

I have recently open an account. I try to deploy some indicators on ’ ’ I came to know that pivots indicators have been working perfectly on Index, Stocks,Currency & Commodities.
But unfortunately Tradingview is plotting wrong levels of pivots on “option segment (call/put both)”. I could not initiate trade until the problem is resolved from your bay.
Hoping for reply. धन्यवाद


Here are correct indicator levels on Index

Setting is same for Index/Stocks and options.

Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Instead of waiting for a new library from TV OR building a new indicator at Dhan-TV, if the trader can place manual order from TV itself, it can solve all the issues related to specific indicators which are available in TV but not in Dhan-TV. Placing order using TV alert message over webbook URL is good for an advanced algo trader, but for a manual trader there should be a better way.

Few brokers are providing such workflow through browser plug-in.

Can something similar workflow be created for Dhan users?

Hi @amit

I am unsure if this is certified by exchanges. Chrome extension, (out of my personal experience) cause multiple issues in even basic memory usage for browser… and I use a pretty powerful machine. When it comes to do about trading, I personally won’t be comfortable with a browser based extension… will explore this anyway since you suggested.


@PravinJ and @Naman ji,

Is there any solution to query i ask earlier/top of thread? Pivots levels are not showing properly on options chart (Nifty/Bank Nifty CE & PE). All support/resistance levels almost merged and chart is distorted.
I have account with other brokers too… I have never faced such a problem of plotting an indicator on options chart.
Hoping for reply.

Dear Amitji,
If you have any problem/suggestion, kindly open new thread or post query in respective subject/thread. Here i asked my personal query for some resolution and all of sudden you have posted irrelevant “browser extension” into my post. :pray:

Hi @Polaris

We have identified the issue. We will fix this ASAP.
Work in Progress.

Will update you once this is fixed.

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Thank you for replying swiftly.
I also would like to suggest that please bring some standardization on “” search box. When i try to search/type 17500 it starts with FINNIFTY which is mostly illiquid compare to NIFTY.
Priority should be most popular scripts like Nifty/BankNify first then FINNIFTY. Also, sometimes PUT appears first sometime CALLS which is confusing while adding into watch list.

@Naman @RahulDeshpande

I am unable to see daily candlestick chart for options. Only minutes & hourly options available. Small time frame always leads to losses. Kindly provide daily/weekly charts for options too.
Here is chart of nifty option. Daily candlestick is disable on trading view.