Trailing Stop Loss for Option Trading


I’ve just signed up on Dhan app and plan to move my funds from PaytmMoney for my daily BankNifty trading. In the same context, I’ve 2 quick questions whose answers were not found anywhere on the internet:

Q.1) Can I add a trailing stop loss in my BankNifty option trades?

Q.2) Can I do a 1-tap reverse position of my trade from PUT to CALL or vice-versa?


Hi @mottled,

Yes, you can add trailing stoploss for existing positions in Bank Nifty trades.

Further, you cannot reverse position from Put to Call and vice versa. Have written more about it here Introducing: Reverse your positions in single tap

PUT to CALL or vice-versa is not possible as both of them are different contracts. 1-tap reverse position for buy to sell and vice-versa in same contract is possible.

I didn’t see ANYWHERE the ability to add a Trailing SL in BankNifty. All I could see is adding a basic Stop Loss. Can you prove your CLAIM? If not, I think this is a fraudulent company trying to amuse new traders with false features.

Hi @mottled,

Seems you were able to find this option later

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Yes Jay, I was able to find Trailing SL ability for BN. Thanks a ton!