Tweet a pic of your Trading Setup - Stand a chance to win 32" monitor 🖥️

Unicorns are a myth, but Super Traders are definitely not. :metal:

Traders, we know how serious many of you are about Trading, and how many of you hold trading setups to your heart. It goes all the way from choosing the right monitor, to the best responsive keyboards, soothing custom lights, and sometimes a separate trading room. Do you have one or want to have one? :slight_smile:

If you have spent your time setting up your trading desk, here is an opportunity for you to share that with everyone and us. You may end up being rewarded, read till the end of this post :slight_smile:

Tweet your Trading Setup with us:

  1. Upload a picture of you along with your trading setup and tag us @dhanhq :selfie:
  2. The more likes, retweets, and comments - you stand to win a 32” widescreen monitor from Dhan :desktop_computer:
  3. Tag your 3 trader friends when you share - either in pic or in a tweet (your choice) :muscle:
  4. Reminder: make sure you tag us and put #TradingSetup :white_check_mark:

PS: Bonus points if you are featuring Dhan’s platforms (web, or our app) in your trading picture. :sunglasses:

Dhan community users can also post their trading setup posts here only! Good for Regular Dhan community members :slight_smile:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer only valid for Indian residents above 18 years of age
  2. The offer cannot be transferred to any family member or friends or any other person
  3. Moneylicious Securities reserves the right to amend/revoke the reward and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The decision of Moneylicious Securities on all matters relating to, or in connection with the use of this reward shall be final and binding on all parties concerned
  4. The decision to choose the winner remains on us. Only a single winner will be chosen.
  5. The winner will receive a 32” monitor that would be delivered to them within 45 business days after declaring the results, provided the address is served by the e-commerce service provider. In case not, then the winner will have to provide an alternate shipping address.
  6. Winner stands a chance to win a 32” monitor or equivalent from Samsung / LG / Viewsonic / Asus or equivalent brands
  7. Contest is not applicable for the states where online contests are prohibited.
  8. The contest is valid until 26th March 2022.

the right monitor, to the best responsive keyboards, soothing custom lights, and sometimes a separate trading room.

Helping the trader who already has trading setup…



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It’s open for all! :smiley:

Share your trading setup with us, and you never know what might happen :wink:

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Awesome setup @Bombaylives :smiley:

Such a clean and squeak setup @amit :rocket:

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Thanks @RahulDeshpande

Hello All,

The wait is over! :partying_face:

Thanks for sharing your trading setup with us, we loved it! :fire:

Here are the winners : Himanshu Sharma

Runner up: Harshit Kumar

Thank you for participating, we will be sending goodies to you all! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Why you guys are so mean that you don’t allow people from Tamilnadu to participate? Is there any work around?

Hi @Vignesh_N ,

We comply to all the regulations and rules of all the states. Hence, in any state where the online contests are prohibited, it prevents us from extending our contests to it’s respective residents.

But I’m not sure how it accounts to online gambling/lottery, did you check before not permitting residents of Tamil Nadu / other such States where lottery is banned?