Unable to onboard

Hi, I had signed up on early access, got email on 17th September 2021 “Congrats, your early access for Dhan is here”. Today I am trying to onboard but I am getting screen that Dhan is invitation-only for now and it’s asking for referral code. I do not have any referral code. @shraddha

Hi @gegobyte, since you have early access you can proceed without a referral code. You access is mapped to the email ID you used to register for the waitlist.

How to proceed? There are 2 buttons - Continue and Request Now, on clicking either of them, I am redirected to a screen which says “Request for your Access to Dhan” with a text saying “Hey, I’m excited to be one of the first to experience Dhan…” and a button Request For Access. I am using the same email which I used to register for early access.

I had sent email to Dhan support team, they told that I need to click on Request for access and then I will be able to proceed without referral code. I did that was able to successfully complete the process from my end. This information is not present anywhere, even in the early access email I had received, no such steps are mentioned.

The best solution would be to not show these referral screens to users who are on early access. After entering email, they could be directly redirected to step 1 of the process.

When I was on pan capture page, I was suddenly logged out. Don’t know whether that was a one-off or an underlying bug.