Unlimited Trading?

Can we expect Kotak Securities like unlimited intraday trading plan in dhan ? Or any plan that will reduce brokerage like 5 paisa?

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Hi Karan, we currently offer very simple pricing. Zero for delivery & INR 20 for intraday trading. Beyond this, Zero AMC for Life, Zero Account Opening Fees and Zero Platform Fees.

Feel we are rightly priced at this moment. Simply focussed on building a superior investing & trading platform.

Thank you


For F&O it helps a lot…It would be very good if you bring unlimited plan for F&O users…Thanks…

Hi @nageshkaudgaonkar

Welcome to Dhan. We are priced at the market currently and believe in providing much superior investing & trading experience instead of competing on pricing. There are tons of information, insights and much more that we provide for free, to ensure traders on Dhan, specially F&O traders take better trades & positions.

I understand there are platforms who only compete on pricing, most of them have off the shelf products taken from outsourced vendors. At some point of time I will do a detailed post on this topic.


Thanks for reply. One of best Account opening experience. Trading view is different than other broking apps…Superb…Please add the Options app or similar features in web version of Desktop to see pay off curve and simple Strategies to deploy quickly such as Straddle with Hedges with SL, Basket orders for options, Customize strategy builder which can be used to place order in one click. Thanks Sir…

Welcome @nageshkaudgaonkar. Yes, we have plans for options trader on web, but before that we have tons of user feedback on existing app. We will build out that, make the experience better and then bring to the web.