Update: Enhanced Manage Positions Experience on the Web

Hello everyone,

We have been receiving and acknowledging feedback from many users who have told us to focus on building at the same pace as mobile and enhance our investing & trading experience on Dhan web.

We recently had a meet-up with our Dhan SuperTraders and we were delighted to hear their feedback so far on our product, and yes - many told us they want to see much more on the web as well. Yes, We are on it - we recently launched Pledge simultaneously on Web & App, and Live Market Scanner on Web before on app.

Improved Manage Positions experience on Dhan Web

When a trader takes his or her position, the max focus is to manage their open positions. Decisions that a trader needs to make are many - When to exit? To add more or to exit? Check market depth? See charts? Oops, market direction is changing, now what? We can go and on, but you get it right?

Dhan is and continues to be the only platform to build from scratch - the manage open position experience - that our users absolutely love on mobile. Excited to say that we are extending that to the web now for the Dhan traders!

Introducing Enhanced Manage Open Positions on the web.dhan.co

Let’s have a look at what you can do with this feature:

Positions Summary: Markets set your expectations right, and fast. Not all positions are in profits, but we wondered if you really wanted to simply book profits, or even cut losses, why not? We are happy to again introduce to you an industry first, the ability to book profits from profitable positions or cut losses, all of this in a single tap with the same lightning-fast experience.

Manage every position in Detail: Here you can tap on any open position and see an in-depth view of your position. You can add more quantities to your positions or exit the open ones, all within a single click.

Reverse Order: Make Money both ways

Markets fluctuating in nature. A stock might start bullish and then suddenly market sentiments change and the stock tanks. So, as a trader, to make a profitable trade, market sentiments play an important role.

  • Simpler and smooth - Reverse Your Position with a single tap.
  • Reverse Position for all Trading Positions
  • Saves time, and also money - in a single leg you exit your previous position and enter a new one.

Market Depth & Span:
Get a detailed view of Bids and Asks, all in real-time. You can track & manage position with the view of market depth on the same overlay screen. Not only this, you will be able to see how the market for a particular script moved in a day, with a day high & low on both the ends. With the current price (LTP) on it.

Convert Positions:
In changing market conditions or volatile markets, you too can convert your positions - Intraday to Delivery or vice versa, or between Normal and Carry Forward.

Add Stop Loss:
As we all know stop-loss is a trader’s best friend with this feature you will get notified on all your open naked position so all your positions are covered. Yes, we care for you.

We believe this feature will help you to manage positions better and save time. For all of us at Dhan, we are on a journey to build an awesome trading experience for our users - delivered to you via our Apps (Android & iOS), Web, integrations and APIs.

We just got started, and we want to Raise The Bar even further. Do experience these features and let us know your feedback to help us build & improve further! :smiley:


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@Naman ,

If you can show also total charges (same as transaction estimator) for the closed positions, it would be much helpful for the trader to make a note of net profit/loss.

I guess it is a very small functionality and it should not take much time to implement.

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