Useless order placements

Dhan is not placing orders instantly i am facing this issue again with other apps order placement is quick and instant there is buffer here and ui is full of clutter looks useless lacks quick and instant execution of orders
Such a Garbage and clutter ui so many popups feels like i am using some sort of shopping website
every time i close website I have to enter the pin when i click on login another tab opens like it feels like
bag inside bag inside bag like full of bags overall ui is good for kids not traders very very very big update is needed regarding ui

Try to bring some simplicity rather than trying to provide each and every feature just provide what is useful for trading and main thing is order placement

Hi @omkar

We send all our orders to exchange as soon as they are placed. Additionally, we have an option for instant order placement (Thunderbold button)

For your specific case, we request you to drop an email at with your order details, so we can check and address your query.

Actually that thing is very small as compare to buy button and i keep that floating window on so there there is no option of instant and also there are so many popups for everything the buying and selling experince is really worst on dhan like that terminal for buy and sell have so many things again ui of dhan is not adjustable with every screen ig with small screen like laptop it gets annoying like now also you are adding floating pnl and floating indices but there are so many things on your website updating every second so that puts lots of loading pressure on system I see my system getting freeze too so you have to keep balance with everything just developing good things are not enough you have to keep balance between everything like so many things makes confusion right now you need simple buying and selling just compare your ui with your competitors and then i dont have to explain all this things in words you will get it by your own dont want to discourage you guys but ya just telling what I feel pressing that small instant button is not possible when you want to cut your losses or book your profits as soon as possible simple things work better than complex ones and ya i also check it with it other apps and you can know difference no doubt once you use other websites to place order there is slight buffer for now i like grow order placement is really very fast there

You guys are doing well no doubt in that but just adding more and more features is not enough be sure to refine your existing features first then move on to next so users will love to see your efforts in better manner be presentable with simplicity looking forward to have great trading experience with dhan :smile:

@omkar i tried all platform it seems ur newbee in treding this platform is flawless also they listen to us. u better update ur self for thsi platform.

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Yes bro I am kid that’s why I cant keep up with you guys please help me with trades you seem legendary trader :smile: