Virtual contract note feature on Dhan

Dear Dhan guys,

Do you have a virtual contract note feature on Dhan or a similar feature like Zerodha have, it was a new feature in zerodha and helps to see the charges as in the contract note.

I may have missed it.


Hi @rustam

We believe on building features and products based on insights of our users. We are aware of this, imo looks very similar to Transaction Estimator that Dhan had introduced as industry first feature. With Transaction Estimator, you can view all the charges on every trade before any trade is taken on the Order Window itself.

Transaction Estimator shows all charges, and estimated P&L before - this one shows it after a trade has been taken.

While I understand that this feature is shared in context of avoiding over-trading, I personally feel that traders need better controls at order and risk management, which is what we offered based on user feedback & usage by traders, via comprehensive Trader Controls that are available on Dhan.


Hi @PravinJ - Yes, transaction estimator is enough for charges speculation.

One suggestion please. For order slicing above freeze limit the brokerage is shown Rs.20/- only. This is calculation bug. Please show the brokerage charges based on number of order legs.