Visual orders for TP and SL

can we please have SL and TP orders that can be placed from chart itself like the one shown in the picture. this is from original Trading View platform

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Hi @premdhan
Yes you can place SL & TP orders on charts at, individually or along with entry order as BO or CO. Here is the screenshot for your reference.

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Aren’t BO and CO blocked?

Hi @premdhan Bracket Order & Cover Order is available on Dhan platforms for all Equity Intraday tradings.

Adding TP and SL to orders don’t work in Order gets rejected.
It is working from mobile app though.
I tried it in equity segment. Kindly check.

Hi @premdhan

I hope the difference between your SL & LTP is more than 1%, in case of BO & CO. If you are not placing SL in this range, you will get error message- “Trigger Price not in specified range”.

If this is not the case with you please revert back with screenshot, it will be better for us to understand.

Hi @Naman ,

Is this sl and tgt feature available for index options