Watchlists are not being synced across tradingview and web version

Yesterday I did post market research and prepared a watchlist on dhan’s tradingview and this morning I opened the web version of dhan, only to find that the watchlist that I made on tradingview of dhan didn’t automatically synced here and I manually had to update it.

Do look into this bug.

Hi @Yash0301 ,

We checked and it’s working fine from our end. Can you please share the screen video on or ?

This is the watchlist in Dhan’s tradingview
watchlist 1

This is watchlist in dhan’s web (it’s the same watchlist “Ichimoku opportunities”
watch list 2

this bug is still present, same thing happened this morning, please resolve it quickly

Watchlists are now working fine, I refreshed the tradingview platform and the watchlists are now synced @RahulDeshpande

Thanks for updating about this @Yash0301 :+1:

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