Web Hook Bug in JSON Generator for Basket

Step 1: Create 3 basket order say Test, Test1, Test2
Step 2: Go to Webhook for your Dhan Account , generate new webhook URL
Step 3: CLick on Basket Order go to Select basket option
Step 4: You will find only 1 entry for basket, in this case “Test2”

Expected Result : The JSON Object generator should be able to list all the basket i.e. Test, Test1, Test2 instead of listing only one basket i.e. Test2 (The last created basket in our sample example)

You should allow multiple basket names to be listed in Select basket option of JSON generator becase if I am a trader I will be creating multiple baskets, say basket 1 for Buying and basket2 for selling , basket3 for bull call spread , basket 4 for straddle , so an so forth

Hi @ngbhat

You will find only those basket listed on Webhook JSON generator that has any active order legs.
There is a drop-down for basket where all the basket with active legs are present, you can create any basket of your choice to generate the JSON.
Make sure you are using one single Webhook URL for all the JSON and alerts.

Hope this helps.

Got your point. Now i see it, when I fill it with active order leg. But there is still a bug

If none of the baskets contain active order leg, by default the last created basket appears in the list. Technically it should not appear since it does not contain active order leg The list should not display any baskets in that case.

Hello @ngbhat

Yes, we replicated this at our end and the scenario that you pointed out holds. We will deploy a fix, so that there is no confusion for users.