[Web] [mobile] : WEB and MOBILE hanging

HI team ,

Unable to login to MObile and WEB.
THis is around 12.15 pm onwards, charts super slow and not updating real time at all

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hi @pavz

Can you please try again now and confirm. Thanks

Its solved now, would like to thank AKASH SARAF for his quick resolution in all times :pray:

@PravinJ this is the first time say this issue , happened only for 10 mins, but pls take care since during scalping I actually had to forego my days profits. :pray:

  1. This is one observation, will try to reproduce but I guess it happened second time for me

Have an existing position which I want to square off. did it via square off button , but the order went through as a fresh order , ultimately going through as 2 orders .please get this checked. I will also try to reproduce .



After trying out other trading platforms, we have very high hopes from @Dhan for Availability and Reliability. Hope we’ll be not disappointed.


Absolutely, our teams are super focussed on ensuring we deliver a great experience to our users.

thank you, and I will let Akash know.