Web Push Notification for Alerts from Dhan Web

Alerts in dhan are pretty much useless, and needs work as I said already, Currently we are only alerted on phone and we cannot even name those alerts or add notes, I spend most of my time on a computer instead of my phone, and for people like me the alerts are pretty much useless since we are not alerted on our pc, so why not introduce web push notification? and also why not also let us know if the alert is triggered through an email?
Also as I said before the alert creating system is very bad in dhan and it should be a top priority to work on it, I would like to name my alerts to remember as to what I wanted to do with the stock or what condition the stock is undergoing, for example: Reliance Resistance Breakout, Reliance Stop loss Hit. Pyramid in Reliance, I hope you get the point.

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@PravinJ @Naman Please Bring this feature asap

Hi @Yash0301 ,

Alerts right now is still in its first version and we have prioritized our efforts to make it more advanced. We believe that web alert notifications and with emails, it might get missed out on the plethora of already spammy notifications that pops on our screens. We instead thought of making a more seamless process, where user can keep a track all his price alerts from a single window and will not miss anything.

Although, be assured your point is noted and we will surely evaluate if we can bring a notes feature and enable web notifications for the price alerts.

Thanks for your feedback.

Keep contributing!

Web push notifications wont be missed by us, please bring it, and get rid of your false assumptions surrounding it.

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