What causes the RBI to hold meetings, policy, and minutes more frequently now than they did one to two years ago?

Are the frequent minutes and meetings for the RBI accomplishing anything that they weren’t accomplishing one or two years ago when they weren’t as frequent?

What do you think about this as a retail participant in the capital market?

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As a retail participant , need to be ready for more pump and dump

News based moves will increase.

The macro environment is too unpredictable now. The proof of that is the variance of estimated & actual inflation.

Similarly the savings rate is not going up and the new loan growth is not coming down either. When RBI says withdrawal of liquidity - its not really happening on ground.

Recent examples of ban on export - rice, onion and then import of tomato from Nepal is also causing changes in local macro.

More MPCs and intervention might be required than we think.

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