What is bonus shares?

Suppose I have 100 shares @ ₹1 and I got 50 bonus shares, can I sell total 150 @ ₹1 and make ₹50 profit?

Refer this thread.

@abhinayism yes, you can do that.

Hi @abhinayism,

Generally, when a company declares and credits bonus shares, the price of the existing shares does get adjusted. For example, if share price is Rs. 100 and company declares 1:1 bonus share, the price will get adjusted to Rs. 50. Depending on demand, how the market and company performs, the share price may go back up towards Rs. 100 or below Rs. 50.

So to answer you question, you may sell the 150 at Rs. 1 if that is the market price post adjustment as well.

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Jay K.
Head - Customer Support